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Get the word out about the VFX Horde and get discounted training VFX Horde community members can sign now.

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As a Crew member you are given a personalized link that you can share on social media or through email. When someone uses your personalized link to enroll in a VFX Horde training, you will be awarded VFX Horde points. Horde Points can be exchanged to unlock special benefits and VFX Horde training. You can also earn points for participating in special VFX Horde "get the word out" campaigns and inviting people to the VFX Horde Community.
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You must first register as a VFX Horde Community member before applying for a Crew account. If you have not registered, you can register now. After your request has been made, you will get notified when your account has been activated. Once activated you will have access to your Crew Dashboard and Horde Points Manager.

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Special Links

Get your own personalized URL that will let you know when people visit the site.


When someone uses your URL to enroll, you get awarded Horde Points.


Horde Points can be used to unlock special benefits or exchange for VFX Horde training.


Get bonus points for participating in VFX Horde "get the word out" campaigns.


Track referral URL activity, conversions and awarded points from your Dashboard.


Ask your questions and get support in the Crew Community Group.

Crew Dashboard

The Crew Dashboard allows you to track the personalized links you have shared, see when people have enrolled in training using your links and see when Horde Points are awarded to you. You will also have access to shareable banners you can embed directly on your own website.

Points Manager

The Horde Points Manager lets members track the points they have received and the points they have exchanged over time. Horde Points can be used on any training purchase page that will completely pay for or discount the price of the training.

Horde Campaigns

Earn points by participating in Horde Campaigns. "Anytime Campaigns" are ongoing while "Event Campaigns" are time specific. Each campaign has the points listed that will be awarded to you when you successfully complete the campaigns tasks.

Get the word out, earn points and great free training as a VFX Horde Crew Member.

The VFX Horde Crew is a program for helping enrollees subsidise and discount their training by getting the word out about the VFX Horde.

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